Hematite Crystal Giving Box
Hematite Crystal Giving Box

Hematite Crystal Giving Box

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We all feel a little unmoored and scattered sometimes, especially when we feel like we’re too busy to catch our breath. If you see someone in your life who could use some help getting grounded so they can approach everything from a more stable state, give them one of your grounding crystals from the new Hematite Crystal Giving Box! Inside your Crystal Giving Box you’ll find 6 raw Hematite crystals. When the lucky recipients carry a piece of Hematite with them as they move through the world, it boosts their sense of rootedness, balance, and strength. Keep one for yourself and give the others away! Put a smile on a stranger's face, support a family member on their journey, or brighten the day of a friend. Spreading joy by giving is good for everyone's soul.

When life gets busy, it can be hard to get grounded and find a sense of stability. In those times, spread the energetic wealth of your Hematite Crystal Giving Box. This ultra-grounding stone helps the lucky recipients to feel rooted and connected to the ground beneath their feet. By providing a sense of energetic stability, they can get centered and find their footing. This is wonderful for the people in your life who may feel stuck, lost, or generally unable to take steps forward in their lives.

The pure weight of a Hematite crystal is what gives it such a grounding effect. The heaviness of the stone, which is a result of its high iron content, and the hematite healing properties anchor you and whomever you share your crystals with into the earth. With the support of your firm foundation, you will be able to slow down, take a breath, and move forward in life from a calm state.

For those in your life who are feeling overwhelmed or stressed out, let the Hematite Crysta you gift them be their crystal ally along life’s journey. When they carry it with them everywhere they go, whether in their purse, pocket, car or beyond, they can call upon the grounding force of this stone for a little extra support.

If you witness someone who feels like their life is spinning out of control, give them a Hematite crystal, tell them to hold it in the palm of your hand, and allow the weight of its stabilizing energy to slow the spin and introduce the zen. Giving their spirit the foundation on which they may find stable footing, Hematite is a necessity for the anxious personality. Crystal in hand, with eyes closed: they will be able to exist in total peace, without the worries of the outside world penetrating their bubble of positivity.

Give away 5 or all 6 of your Hematite crystals to your friends, family — even strangers! — and help them get the stability and grounding that will allow them to be their best selves.

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