Labradorite Point

Labradorite Point

Limitless Potential • Illumination • Light
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About 4" to 5"
About 5" to 6" tall
When you are ready to unleash your limitless potential, connect with a Labradorite Point. The flashes of light within this dark stone will show you all that is possible for you. Use this stone to bring out your hidden talents and full capabilities.

As a stone of illumination, Labradorite brings to light the limitless possibilities that lie ahead. Rather than putting a cap on your potential, Labradorite encourages you to think in expansive terms. You are capable of anything you set your mind to! Even during the darker times when you can’t see the way ahead, your Labradorite Point encourages you to find the light.

The Labradorite properties are represented visually by the flashes of light within the darker grey coloration of the stone. When you look at a Labradorite Point, you may not initially see the flashes of labradorescence. But look a little closer and you will see the neon sparks within the stone. Let these illuminations inspire you to tap into your truly limitless potential in all aspects of life.

Each of these Labradorite Points will differ in size, shape color and pattern. They are come from Mother Earth.

Hold a Labradorite Point in your non-writing hand and say, “I am limitless.” Then, write down one ambitious goal on a piece of paper. Place your Labradorite Point on top of the paper and place them together somewhere you will see them everyday.

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