Light Up Your Abundance Duo
Light Up Your Abundance Duo

Light Up Your Abundance Duo

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If you are ready to increase your wealth or abundance (in all its forms) but find your energy sputtering, help your intentions for abundance explode with new growth with the energizing kickstart of fire! Using the Enlighten Candle in your wealth ritual lights a fire under your finances and ignites momentum. The candle works by bringing positivity, luck, and an enhanced sense of self-worth into your energy field. When paired with a powerful, wealth-attracting Pyrite Cube, the Abundance Candle supports you to prosper and grow in whatever part of your life you want to thrive. As you burn the Candle, success and prosperity will flow into your life, while also giving your space a warm and uplifting glow.

The Enlighten Candle is the perfect way to infuse your spaces with uplifting frequencies while simultaneously creating a warm atmosphere in your home. This crystal candle also features an adorable gold-polished baby Buddha figurine. Once your candle’s wax has melted, remove the figurine and place it by your sacred spaces.

The soy wax used to produce this candle is made from natural, renewable and biodegradable soy beans. This candle is made using real essential oils to create a plant-based aroma.

Candles are made with natural soy wax, citronella & lemongrass essential oils.

The next time you start to panic about making the right choices in your career or finances, tap into the solid energy of a Pyrite Cube. Rocking back and forth between decisions can have a dizzying effect on your spirit. The balance that comes from a pyrite brick will guide you back to your foundational power. Anytime your thoughts or desires are feeling fragmented, use your pyrite brick to get back in sync with a united flow. This Pyrite grounds the spirit in a focused, motivational energy. It takes you out of the fear-based mindset, that leaves you feeling scatterbrained, and plants you firmly in the energy of an intention.

Using a permanent marker, write down 1 wealth-based intention directly onto the glass jar of your Enlighten Candle while holding your Pyrite Cube in your other hand. Light your candle. Visualize your intentions coming true, with as many small details as you can. Place your Enlighten Candle and Pyrite Cube in a prominent place at your desk at home or work and use them as visual reminders of your intentions to fire up your motivation.

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