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The Ritual Lover's Bundle

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You find comfort and peace in the practice of rituals as you seek clarity on your intentions, protection against negative forces and a higher purpose in your life. A ritual is defined as a solemn ceremony consisting of a series of actions performed according to a prescribed order. For many of us, it’s simply a routine we follow that gives our intentions structure and meaning. Whether it’s meditation or prayer or any kind of daily practice, rituals and routines can provide comfort and a sense of control. Use these powerful tools and practices to refresh your mind, rebalance your priorities and restore your spirit. Above all, find a practice that feels authentic to you.

Black Kyanite - With distinct ridges and spires, this crystal just looks like a warrior, providing the perfect shield of protection. Slice through negativity and cut ties with toxic energy and relationships. [what would the ritual be – placement, practice?]

Selenite Wands - Referred to as "liquid light", Selenite wands are an essential tool for any crystal lover. Hold one in each hand during meditation to cleanse and heal your aura, unblock stagnant energy, regain balance and reach a state of mental clarity, calm and peace.

Copper Charging Pyramid - Amplify and supercharge the energy of your jewelry and crystals by placing them underneath this copper pyramid every night as part of a nightly routine. You will awaken in the morning to find your favorite pieces are cleansed, re-charged and restored to their highest frequency.

Double Terminated Quartz Vogel - One of the most powerful crystals for cleansing and illumination. Place this beautiful crystal in your home to clear and elevate the energy of any space while bringing in light and uplifting your environment - even boost the energy of other crystals in the space.

The Protection Candle – Good vibes only! Create a protective shield with the properties of Black Tourmaline. With sage and lavender aromatherapy, this candle is designed to soothe, relax and ground you.

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