Abundance Crystal Bowl

Abundance Crystal Bowl

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Let your new Abundance Crystal Bowl usher prosperity into your life. If you find yourself feeling uninspired with your goals and more focused on what you're lacking in your life rather than what you do have, it may be time to introduce a new kind of energetic magnet into your home. By working with the synergy of 4 powerful crystals, along with amplifying Clear Quartz and supercharging Selenite, this Abundance Crystal Bowl acts as a super dose of abundant, fortunate, prosperous vibes. The Abundance Crystal Bowl includes Tree Agate to bring growth and abundance, Dragon Jasper Stone which increases your motivation to work towards achieving your goals, Pyrite, a renowned magnet for wealth and success, Golden Tiger’s Eye which enhances your luck, plus intention-magnifying Clear Quartz, all gently nestled in a petite round Selenite charging bowl. These exclusive, limited-run intention bowls make a beautifully thoughtful housewarming or holiday gift for others or for yourself. Let abundance in and witness it manifest in myriad ways in your life.

Working with individual crystal energies offers a wonderfully concentrated and focused way to infuse yourself with particular vibrations, but combining their energies invites an even deeper immersion and stronger attraction of healing energies, so that manifesting your intentions is turbocharged.

The Abundance Crystal Bowl is a powerful tool to open yourself and your home to more abundance, wealth, and opportunities. This intention bowl’s positive energy aligns your mind, body, and spirit with its high vibrations. If you’re stuck in a rut where you feel overly focused on scarcity and lack, working with the frequencies of the combined stones in the Abundance Crystal Bowl can awaken within you a prosperity magnet.

  • Tree Agate to bring growth + abundance
  • Dragon Jasper Stone increases motivation to work towards your goals
  • Pyrite is a magnet for wealth and success
  • Golden Tiger’s Eye enhances your luck
  • Clear Quartz magnifies your intention
  • Selenite Bowl cleanses and charges your stones

If you are feeling drawn to an Abundance Crystal Bowl, your spirit is calling out for some motivation, good luck, and new horizons. It's time to see and appreciate all of the abundance that you already have in your life and attract even more abundance into your home and in yourself.

Place your bowl in your living room or kitchen to act as a magnet for your intention.

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