Agate Geode on a Stand • 1.5lbs

Agate Geode on a Stand • 1.5lbs

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An Agate Geode on a Stand invites stabilizing energy into your space. After a chaotic day or during a turbulent time in your life, coming home to the energy of an Agate Geode on a Stand brings you back to your center. This crystal reminds you to find a balance between everything going on in your life so you don’t lose your sense of equilibrium.

With all of your competing responsibilities and commitments, it can be easy to spread yourself too thin. The energy of an Agate Geode on a Stand empowers you to manage your time and energy to keep your sense of balance, even when you are feeling pulled in different directions. Agate emits a calming energy that brings you back to center. It works to support you when you feel off balance, and helps you re-evaluate how you are distributing your energy.

Place an Agate Geode somewhere you will see it everyday as a reminder to create balance in your life.

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