Agate Geode Pair

Agate Geode Pair

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About 1" to 2" tall
About 2" to 3" tall
Agate is a stone that represents balance. A pair of Agate Geodes takes this intention to the next level. The duality of this set of Agate crystals allows you to have a visual and tangible representation of what balance looks and feels like so you can replicate balance in all areas of your life – from your family life to your professional life, and everything in between.

When your life is spinning in all different directions, redirect your focus toward your Agate Geode Pair to get centered and grounded. The earthy hues of an Agate Geode immediately stabilize your energy so you can find your footing and move forward from a calm and collected state.

Once you are grounded and calm, Agate supports you in finding the appropriate balance in all aspects of life. Working with this stone allows you to prioritize the important things in life so you don’t have to spread yourself so thin. Use this geode pair to make a wish upon your crystal for whatever it is that you want in life, whether that’s more time with your family, more time for yourself, or more time for anything else that matters to you.

Write down a wish on a piece of paper, and place it in the middle of your Agate Geode Pair. The powerful dual energy of the pair will work together to support your intention.

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