6 genuine Amethyst Crystals from the Crystal Giving Box by Energy Muse
2 people giving genuine Amethyst Crystals from the Crystal Giving Box by Energy Muse

Amethyst Crystal Giving Box

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Spread peace to those who need it most with the new Amethyst Crystal Giving Box! It’s the easiest way to share serenity, wisdom, gratitude, joy, and love with the people in your life. Inside your Crystal Giving Box you’ll find 6 raw Amethyst crystals. When the lucky recipients carry a piece of Amethyst with them as they move through the world, it envelopes them with a healing violet light and keeps their peace undisturbed. Keep one for yourself and give the others away! Put a smile on a stranger's face, warm a family member's heart, or brighten the day of a friend. Spreading joy by giving is good for everyone's soul.

Amethyst emits a spa-like atmosphere of relaxation into every space it's placed and for everyone who works with it. The Amethyst healing properties encompass so much that if there's a problem you need help with, chances are good that Amethyst can help in some way or another. For the clarity that it lends to business insights, and the pattern breaking properties that are well-suited to those with addictive personalities, Amethyst is still a highly valued stone among collectors (even though it is a fairly common crystal).

Give your friends, family, coworkers and even strangers the gift of Amethyst’s tranquility and protection so nothing can disturb their peace of mind. Crowded areas, with lots of intermingling energies and overwhelming atmosphere, can cause panic and stress. The raw Amethyst in this Crystal Giving Box are small enough to place in a purse or pocket so that the recipient is tapping into peaceful vibes wherever they go. Whether it’s an empath who is prone to taking on the negative energy of others, or someone with recent incidents in their life that has them feeling especially vulnerable to other people’s moods, investing in the Amethyst meaning is an investment in spiritual security that you don’t your loved want to go without.

Amethyst has a strong connection to the third eye chakra. The third eye chakra dictates decision-making and one's thought process: two things that, if unclear or mismanaged, can easily spell the end of a relationship. Instead of making rash decisions or jumping to conclusions without first attempting to see the situation from a different point of view, help someone connect with the energy of Amethyst to set their mind straight. This is especially important for those of us whose history is littered with rash decisions!

Amethyst works well when paired with Rose Quartz in the bedroom. This is because, while the Rose Quartz blesses your partnership with the loving energy compassion and patience, Amethyst helps you to work out the real problems that are distorting your view of the relationship.

If you know someone who could use some soothing vibrations, a give of Amethyst from you is a wonderful way of encouraging them to seek out their intuitive needs. Help the people around you free their minds of the anxieties, stress and worries that have been weighing on their spirit.

Give away 5 or all 6 of your Amethyst crystals to your friends, family — even strangers! — and help them free their minds of the anxieties, stress and worries that have been weighing on their spirit.

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