Black Phantom Quartz Cluster

Black Phantom Quartz Cluster

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About 1/2" to 1"
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About 2" to 3"
These one-of-a-kind clusters are filled with black Manganese minerals in the Quartz, giving them a unique energy to support your intentions. Because they have the darker coloration as well as the energy of a typical phantom quartz crystal, these clusters are powerful for intentions related to change, growth and transformation. If you are feeling stuck and need to find a way to break through and move forward, this Black Phantom Quartz Cluster is perfect for you.

These Black Phantom Quartz Clusters work to both remove and release the blockages that are holding you back and propel you into the next level in life. They have a flame-like quality that reminds you to ignite the spark that burns inside of you. Connecting with this stone helps to keep your dreams and passions alive, even when they may feel distant or hidden. The clarity of the Quartz combined with the energy of fire from the flame pushes you to keep growing and taking action in your life to move forward and get to where you want to go.

A Black Phantom Quartz cluster is a powerful crystal to work with if you are feeling stuck and need some extra inspiration. If you’ve lost touch with that motivated and determined part of yourself, allow the crystal to help you break through the stuck or stagnant energy so you can pursue your dreams and goals.

These are one-of-a-kind crystals that were sourced by Heather and Timmi when they went on a trip around the United States to visit directly with the miners. There is a very, very limited number of these crystals - and they will not be back again. All sales are final on these crystals.

Hold your Black Phantom Quartz crystal in your dominant hand and say out loud what your dream, wish or prayer is. Then, visualize it emerging from the crystal in a flame-like shape that is growing and growing. Use the crystal to crystalize your dreams and make them a reality. Continue to work with this crystal each day until you feel that your energy is reprogrammed for your intention and you are taking action toward your goals.

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