Archangel Michael Bracelet Set

Archangel Michael Bracelet Set

Protection • Angelic Realm • Surrender
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This limited quantity and one-of-a-kind Archangel Michael bracelet bundle was carefully crafted by Heather to deliver the maximum crystal healing benefits! Call upon archangel Michael, your own guardian angels, or just generally a higher power so you can find solace in your surrender, stop trying to control everything, keep the faith that everything will work out.

Made with 3 bracelets: Sodalite (8mm), Amethyst (6mm), and Web Agate (8mm)
Size 7.5 (Medium)

Web Agate allows you to ground your vision from the cosmos and back into the Earth plane. What do you want to capture in your web, or net? What do you want to cast out there? What do you want to manifest? This Agate allows you to ground this vision back into the earth and bring it back down from the cosmos.

Amethyst triggers and expands your intuition. It’s the portal point of entry to your intuition. Allows you to tap into your third eye and intuition so you can begin to use that as your guiding point.

Sodalite opens you up to new forms of communication (like messages from angels) and helps you to look beyond your painted reality and discern the truth in a situation.

Made with 3 bracelets: Sodalite (8mm), Amethyst (8mm), and Web Agate (8mm)

Size 7.5 (Medium)

How to Power Band with your Archangel Michael Bracelet Bundle:
Our founder + resident crystal expert, Heather Askinosie, is constantly experimenting with the newest crystal energy hacks. Take your wearable energy to the next level:

On your right wrist: Choose 1 of the bracelets to represent your core intention or goal. What’s the one intention you want to manifest right now?

On your left wrist: wear the other 2 bracelets to act as your “team of support stones.” What energies do you need to support you while you work towards your one goal?

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