point shaped crystal pendant made of natural black shade with blooms of pink thulite hung on simple black necklace cord by Energy Muse

Black Jade with Pink Thulite Pendant Necklace

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Combine Black Jade’s prized energy of protection and prosperity with Pink Thulite’s powerful healing energy with this Black Jade & Pink Thulite Point Pendant Necklace. It’s a must-have piece of wearable crystal technology that both protects you while you’re out-and-about in the world and helps you when coming out of a dark period and are finally ready to bloom. This powerful healing and self-compassion Black Jade necklace is the perfect amulet with which to show up in your life again as your best self, getting back on track after losing your way or after emotionally heavy periods of your life. There is only a very limited quantity available — once they’re gone, they’re gone for good! Due to the nature of these Black Jade & Pink Thulite crystal pendants, they will all differ slightly in color, shape, size and pattern.

Since ancient times, Jade has been valued as a healing gemstone that attracts wisdom, prosperity and harmony. It is considered a powerful lucky charm, helping you to attain your goals and attract new opportunities. Jade is an Earth element gemstone that promotes the flow of money and abundance into its wearer's life. Get in touch with the jade meaning to discover your inner truth so you can lead a rich, fulfilling life.

Jade opens your heart to the abundance and prosperity that surrounds you. This wise crystal reminds you that cultivating a prosperous life takes time, but if you keep putting in the energy and effort to see your goals through, your life will be filled with prosperity. Connect with your Jade necklace to support whatever area of your life you want to prosper.

The Jade meaning has a regal history, dating back to Ancient China. Jade has always signified wealth, success, and abundance. It helps you to create the prosperity you want in your life by tapping into your inner wisdom. You know exactly what it takes to live the fullest life, all you have to do is follow through on your ambitions. A Black Jade and Pink Thulite Point Pendant Necklace gives you a tangible connection to the energy of new beginnings and an optimistic sense of possibility that you want to bring into all areas of your life.

Wear your Black Jade & Pink Thulite Pendant Necklace daily and hold the pendant in your hand during meditations or visualization sessions. Set an intention to emerge resiliently from any issues regarding low self-esteem, harm, neglect, or abandonment. Harness the energy of the Black Jade & Pink Thulite necklace to imbue your life with an energy of deep love, acceptance of self and healing.

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