natural black Obsidian eye mask for relaxation, light purple Calming Stones, and essential oil roller with real Amethyst chips inside and amethyst roller ball by Energy Muse

Black Obsidian Sleep Crystal Bundle

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Very few things in life are as important as a full night of restorative sleep. Unfortunately, that is also one of the most elusive things for some of us to achieve every single night. If you find yourself unable to wind down, defocus, and slow down enough to sink into deep sleep, connect with the peaceful energy of our Sleep Crystal Bundle — it combines 3 powerful elements that help you put your mind, body and spirit to bed and dropping you gently into to a state of pure relaxation. This sleep bundle includes a Calming Stones bag filled with Lepidolite, Fluorite and Amethyst, an Amethyst essential oil roller, and a Black Obsidian crystal eye mask.

If you suffer from insomnia, worry, or simply are dealing with situations that cause stress and a racing unquiet mind, you need to tap into the centuries-old powers of Amethyst, Lepidolite, Fluorite and Black Obsidian crystals. And while there are a myriad of reasons why deep sleep eludes you any given night, working with this crystal bundle increases your chances of achieving deep, restorative, glorious sleep!

Your Black Obsidian Eye Mask is a luxurious way to access the tension-melting and grounding energy of Black Obsidian. Through simple self-care rituals you can easily do night after night, use your crystal eye mask, crystal-infused essential oil and tumbled stones in harmony to help guide yourself from a state of chaos to a state of calm. When you are spinning out of control or simply unable to quiet your mind, take a few moments for yourself and apply the oil, program the stones and lay the eye mask over your eyes to find inner peace.

This bundle works by infusing your mind, body, and spirit with the relaxing properties of the selected crystals.

As a stone of peace, Amethyst clears your energy of any tension, worry, or stress so you can get back to a calm state of being.

Lepidolite, with its rich lithium content, quells worry, stress and tension by connecting you with the highest realms of serenity. Tap into this panic relief stone to transport your mind and spirit to a place of positivity.

Fluorite clears your mind, and helps you to get rid of cluttered thoughts. The organizing energy of Fluorite brings order to the scattered mind, so that you can think clearly again. Connect with Fluorite to relax in the comfortable stability that its energy provides.

Black Obsidian’s warmth-retaining properties can aid soothe the hardworking tissue around the eyes and the mask’s comforting weight melts any hardened stress from your day. Adding this Black Obsidian crystal eye mask to your skincare rituals is the perfect way to boost your products’ benefits and provide even deeper relaxation.

Hold all 5 of your calming stones in your hands and program them for a restful deep sleep by reciting the following affirmation 3 times: “I easily release any stress and worry from the day as my body quickly drifts into sound sleep.” Then, place one of the Amethyst stones inside of your pillowcase and the rest of the stones on your nightstand so they act as guardians of your peaceful sleep. With your Amethyst essential oil roller, apply the oil onto your wrists, temples, and third eye (area between your brows). Lay your crystal eye mask over your eyes and temples to calm your mind and block out the world. The peaceful energy of the crystals and the weight of the eye mask will guide you to a state of pure relaxation.

During warmer months, you can also place the mask in the fridge and place it over your eyes for a cooling, de-puffing effect.

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