Genuine Black Tourmaline and Herkimer Diamond statement necklace by Energy Muse

Black Tourmaline and Herkimer Diamond Necklace

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Embrace an attitude of pure abundance and personal power with this stunning power piece: Black Tourmaline and Herkimer Diamond Necklace. These two high-frequency crystals elevate your personal energy and state of mind. Both Herkimer Diamonds and Black Tourmaline boast extremely high vibrations and helps clarify your vision, concentrating your focus, enhancing your potential. While this piece is beneficial for all manner of uses, it is especially powerful for financial and prosperity-centric intentions.

Herkimer Diamond Quartz stones are so powerful for elevating your state of mind and your overall outlook on life – especially when it comes to your finances. As a stone of attunement and consciousness, this crystal brings awareness to the damaging or limiting beliefs you have about money and encourages you to rise above those lower vibrations. Wearing Herkimer Diamonds allow you to embrace an attitude of abundance instead of focusing on what you lack. By transforming your money mindset, you can begin to transform your financial state when you wear your power piece.

Black Tourmaline is best known as a protective stone but it is also helpful for creating a sense of stability and clarity: two essential facets we need to lean on when setting out on achieving goals and blasting away limiting beliefs. This is a power piece, letting you wield 2 extremely powerful and courageous energies at once. Black Tourmaline and Herkimer Diamonds help you take action, guard against harm and raise your vibrations.

Place your necklace around your neck, and say your manifestation-based intentions and affirmations out loud three times.

Throughout the day, every time you feel your crystals around your neck and over your chest, bring your intention to mind and feel the support available to you.

Before you go to sleep, take your necklace off and place it on top of a Selenite crystal to cleanse.

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