Citrine Keychain
Citrine Keychain

Citrine Keychain

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Squeeze a little sunshiney brightness into your day, wherever you go! This Citrine Keychain helps you harness the energy of the sun, which acts as a source of positive energy in all aspects of your life. shines a light on the possibilities that exist, and encourages you to go after them. Carrying a Citrine Keychain reminds you to look on the bright side with its warm, energizing, confidence-boosting vibration.

Citrine is the ultimate manifestation stone. Boost your manifesting power with you even when you are on-the-go, whether it be a creative or financial goal, or even to keep yourself joyful and full of light. Serves as a constant reminder to the universe to keep your intentions top of mind.

Put your keys on your Citrine Keychain and embody the stone's positive, joyful, capable energy when you need to boost your manifestation power.

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