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Clear Quartz Planter

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A Clear Quartz Planter is the perfect supercharged tool to support the growth and activation of your plants. Both aesthetically beautiful and energetically powerful, the Clear Quartz crystal planter acts as an energy amplifier to propel the vitality and growth of your plant, as well as support your own growth and transformation. Because plants represent abundance, this Clear Quartz Planter can be used to support intentions related to wealth and finances, as well as personal growth. It can also be used to hold and enhance the power of your crystal candles, as a full-size Energy Muse candle fits perfectly inside!

As a stone of clarity and magnification, Clear Quartz crystal works to enhance and amplify the energy of everything around it. This Clear Quartz Planter is designed to hold your house plants, but the power and meaning of this energy tool goes far beyond growing your greenergy.

The Clear Quartz crystals within this crystal planter radiate high vibrations into your space and amplify the energy of whatever you place inside of the crystal planter. Just as the crystals propel the growth of your plant, this supercharged planter can also support the growth of other aspects of your life – specifically, your finances and wealth. Because the greenergy of plants is connected to the energy of abundance, this Clear Quartz crystal planter can support your financial goals and your own personal growth.

Each crystal planter will vary slightly in size and characteristics. Slight imperfections are natural in the making process of this hand made plant holder from natural crystal points.

Place a plant, a crystal candle, or another energy tool of your choice inside of the Clear Quartz Planter to activate and amplify the energy.

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