Crystal Incense Burner
Crystal Incense Burner

Crystal Incense Burner

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Burn your incense in this Amethyst Crystal Incense Burner to create a calm environment while adding a touch of crystal energy to any space. Combining incense with the power of Amethyst brings peace and relaxation to your energy and space, while the beautiful brass and Amethyst add decorative interest.

This brass incense burner is made with Amethyst to enhance its peaceful energy. As a stone of relaxation and peace, Amethyst clears away any chaos or tension from your energy field and environment. Combined with the energy clearing power of incense, this dynamic duo work together to help you feel at ease in your mind, body, spirit, and space.

Bring the Amethyst Crystal Incense Burner into your home, office, or any other space you inhabit to invite peaceful and calming energy into any environment. This beautiful addition to your space serves as both a decorative adornment and a functional energy tool to raise your energetic vibration and create a spa-like atmosphere wherever you are.

As an added benefit, the Amethyst within it activates your space even when you are not actively using your crystal incense burner. Your Amethyst Crystal Incense Burner is always working for you to keep the peace and clear away unwanted energy.

Designed to work with most types of incense, the Amethyst Crystal Incense Burner is an aesthetically pleasing way to up-level the energy of your space. Whichever incense you choose to fill it with will be enhanced by the Amethyst properties. We recommend pairing your crystal incense burner with our Copal Incense Sticks, which are an effective way to clear away negative energy and purify your environment.

Does not come with incense sticks. Incense must be purchased separately.

Place your incense of choice inside the Amethyst burner to fill your space with peace and relaxation.

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