Crystal Rope Necklace
Crystal Rope Necklace
Crystal Rope Necklace

Crystal Rope Necklace

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Raw Carnelian Pendant (~1.25") • 18"
Raw Pyrite Pendant (~1.5") • 18"
Raw Black Tourmaline Pendant (~1.5") • 18"
These crystal rope necklaces come in a variety of stones: Carnelian, Black Tourmaline and Pyrite. By keeping the stone close to your chest, you can keep your intention close and add a touch of crystal sparkle to your outfit.

Choose from a Carnelian, Black Tourmaline, or Pyrite crystal rope necklace to carry your intention with you wherever you go.

As a stone of passion and creativity, Carnelian inspires you to see the world with fresh eyes. If you are hungry for more excitement and exhilaration in your life, keeping this stone close by wearing a Carnelian necklace can help you spark your creative nature.

For enhanced energetic protection, call upon a Black Tourmaline crystal rope necklace. The dark stone absorbs all negativity you encounter throughout the day to keep your energy vibrating at its highest potential.

To attract abundance and prosperity into your life, there's no better stone than Pyrite. By wearing your Pyrite crystal rope necklace, you can keep the energy of success and wealth close to you and align yourself with its frequency.

The pendants on these crystal rope necklaces will all vary slightly in shape, color, pattern, and size, as they all come from Mother Earth. The necklace is braided waxed cord.

Wear your crystal rope necklace every day to enhance your energy and keep your intention close to your heart.

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