Money Flow Bracelet Set

Money Flow Bracelet Set

Unblocking • Letting Prosperity In • Abundance
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Remove all blocks to your wealth and watch the prosperity flow freely with the limited edition Money Flow Bracelet Set! Garnet helps unblock any stuck, clogged energy, Pyrite attracts the glitter of gold, wealth and success, while the Bloodstone gets the momentum up!

Size 7.5 (Medium). Made with three bracelets: Garnet (6mm), Pyrite (6mm), Bloodstone (8mm)

Feeling stagnant? Get the energy flowing with a Red Garnet Bracelet! Reconnect to a sense of vitality in all areas of your life. If you are lacking energy or motivation, use Red Garnet's fiery properties to get out of your rut and take action. 

Garnet is a stone of passion that promotes a smooth flow of energy throughout the body. It energizes the root chakra to help you to feel more grounded and connected in the present moment. When you're feeling sluggish, Garnet clears any blockages so vital energy can flow through you. This improved circulation and movement of energy brings with it passion and joy.

Keep your vital energy pumping with Bloodstone. Bloodstone works to promote energy and endurance. It has a long history of proving to be a gemstone of strength, courage and vitality. Ancient Greek gladiators carried bloodstones, or had them embedded in their armor, as talismans of protection while fighting. Ancient Greeks and Romans also carried bloodstones during athletic competitions to bring them victory through endurance and strength.

The Pyrite bracelet helps you bring more light and power to your mindset so you can remove the energetic blocks and unleash your full potential. Wearing this bracelet gives you the confidence to plant the seeds and put your goals out into the universe. It reminds you to stay open to the ways that your goals manifest in your life, as success can be unexpected or show up in different ways than you imagined.

Size 7.5 (Medium). Made with three bracelets: Garnet (6mm), Pyrite (6mm), Bloodstone (8mm)

How to Power Band with your Money Flow Bracelet Bundle:
Our founder + resident crystal expert, Heather Askinosie, is constantly experimenting with the newest crystal energy hacks. Take your wearable energy to the next level:

On your right wrist: Choose 1 of the bracelets to represent your core intention or goal. What’s the one intention you want to manifest right now?

On your left wrist: wear the other 2 bracelets to act as your “team of support stones.” What energies do you need to support you while you work towards your one goal?

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