Erongo Black Tourmaline & Quartz Specimen

Erongo Black Tourmaline & Quartz Specimen

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These rare and extra-special Erongo Mountain Black Tourmaline and Quartz specimens are a supercharged version of the Black Tourmaline crystal that comes from Namibia. The Erongo Black Tourmaline crystal guides you to release any and all negative energy, leaving you feeling energetically safe, secure, and protected.

These Erongo Mountain Black Tourmaline specimens come from Erongo Mountain in Namibia. This unique form of Black Tourmaline is a supercharged energy protector and purifier that takes energetic protection to the next level.

This type of Black Tourmaline works to protect your spirit on a deeper level by guiding you to a place of energetic security and stability. Once you can identify the energies that are disrupting your sense of security, you can clear and release them. The end result is a feeling of safety and security on an energetic level.

All of these crystals will vary in size, color, shape and pattern. Due to the limited quantity of these rare minerals, this product is excluded from any coupon codes or promotions.

Hold your Erongo Mountain Black Tourmaline specimen in your hands and bring to mind any negative energy that you want to release. Visualize the crystal cutting that energy away from you and guiding you to a more energetically secure state of being.

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