Giant Clear Quartz Cluster on a Stand

Giant Clear Quartz Cluster on a Stand

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This Giant Clear Quartz Cluster on a Stand radiates immense amounts of energy due to its many points, sending energy out in all different directions. Positioned on a stand so that you can see the beauty of its points, this crystal makes the perfect display piece for your home. **Shipping not included with this specimen. Once purchased, we will contact you about shipping + delivery.

Because of its energy amplifying powers, Clear Quartz is one of the best crystals to clear and clean the energy of a room and the energy of other crystals. A Clear Quartz Cluster helps to remove all energy blockages and negative energy to purify the energy of the space. You can also use a Clear Quartz crystal cluster to cleanse the energy of another crystal by placing it with your other stones overnight.

For this product listing, you will be receiving the specific crystal pictured. There is only one of these crystals. All sales are final.

Place your Giant Clear Quartz Cluster in your living room, by your front door or in any space where lots of people come in and out to constantly clear, cleanse and raise the vibration of your space.

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