I Am Shielded Dainty Jewelry Bundle
I Am Shielded Dainty Jewelry Bundle
I Am Shielded Dainty Jewelry Bundle

I Am Shielded Dainty Jewelry Bundle

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​Acting as the anchor for your manifestation, this gorgeous Shield Necklace features the immense amount of crystal energy that your intention needs to take flight and come to pass. It features both Black Tourmaline and Tourmalinated Quartz for a double dose of protection. Pairing it with the Black Tourmaline Earrings to establishing powerful personal armor, almost like a bulletproof vest, with all elements covering different facets of protection. The Shield Necklace is like having protection in disguise: while you’re out in public, you are shielded from harmful frequencies in a completely discreet way. Black Tourmaline firms up your foundation and clears your energetic body of negativity. Your Black Tourmaline Crystal Earrings allow you to bring that protective energy with you wherever you go. Wearing Black Tourmaline earrings gives it a unique ability to eliminate negative energy from your mind and prevent negative energy from getting into your head.

Necklace: Adjustable 16"-18"

Earrings: Sterling Silver with Natural Black Tourmaline Crystals

Black Tourmaline is best known as a protective stone but it is also helpful for creating a sense of stability and clarity: two essential facets we need to lean on when setting out on achieving goals and blasting away limiting beliefs. This piece anchors whatever formula you are wearing and working with at any given time, grounding it securely, guarding against harm and raising your vibrations.

Your Black Tourmaline earrings also offer an added layer of protection by blocking out negative energy from the external world. With these earrings, you can move through the world with a bubble of protection around you.

Upon receiving your necklace and earrings, cleanse them with the smoke of a burning sage stick or by placing them in direct sunlight for 4 hours to ensure a clean, charged state before wearing it.

In the morning, put your necklace and earrings on. Place a hands over the pendant and the other hand on one of your earrings and say aloud or in your head: I activate these crystals.

Throughout the day, every time you feel your crystals around your neck and over your chest or catch a glimpse of your earrings, bring your intention to mind and feel the support available to you.

Change the necklace’s length with the adjustable spring ring clasp.

Before you go to sleep, take your necklace and earrings off and place them on top of a Selenite crystal to cleanse.

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