Lemurian Quartz Pillar

Lemurian Quartz Pillar

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About 6" to 7" (1-2lbs)
About 7" to 9" (2-3lbs)
These polished Lemurian Quartz Pillars come from a new mine in the state of Tocantins, Brazil and have such a beautiful, high vibration energy that carries the energy of Lemuria. Filled with lots of little foils and rainbows that catch the light, the energy of a Lemurian Quartz point reminds you to take a breath and take a pause so you can move forward as the highest version of yourself in all situations. In the shape of a point, these Lemurian Quartz make a beautiful and energetically powerful addition to your home, bringing light and positive energy into your life.

These Lemurian Quartz Pillars are a very high quality crystal from a new mine in Tocantins, Brazil. The Lemurian Quartz crystal has been polished into the shape of a point, giving it an even strong ability to send positive vibrations out into the universe.

The Lemurian Quartz crystal is a variety of quartz that holds the energy of Lemuria, a lost ancient civilization. The crystals were believed to be programmed by a code that, if unlocked, could bring us into a new reality. The powerful energy of these stones raises your vibration and fills your energy with light and positivity, allowing you to reach a higher state of being and awareness. It reminds you to slow down, take a deep breath, and tap into the energy of light.

Bringing a Lemurian Quartz crystal pillar into your environment is also a great way to receive the benefits of this stone and incorporate it into your daily life. Placing it somewhere you will see it and be close to it will radiate high frequency energy into your space.

Place your Lemurian Quartz crystal pillar in your sacred space, living room, or any other area to infuse your spirit and space with high vibrations. To use it in meditation, hold your Lemurian Quartz point as you meditate to guide yourself to a higher state of being.

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