Leo Horoscope Crystals Box Set
Leo Horoscope Crystals Box Set

Leo Horoscope Crystals Box Set

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Get the crystals that are best suited for you, Leo! This carefully curated box features 6 special healing stones that were chosen specifically for those lucky enough to have Leo as their zodiac sign: Tiger’s Eye, Red Jasper, Orange Calcite, Emerald, Citrine, and Pyrite. Every zodiac sign has a range of stones that are said to bring the best energy, fortune and good vibes to the individual. This crystal box set is perfect to jumpstart your journey or as a perfect gift for the bold Leos in your life.

Each perfectly giftable box contains a detailed card inside that describes the benefits and healing properties of each stone. It will help guide you on how best to harness their vibrant, illuminating Leo energy.

Companion stones to your Birthstone – The healing stones include: Orange Calcite, Citrine, Tigers Eye, Emerald, Red Jasper, Pyrite. Each one resonantes powerfully with Leo’s strongest qualities: courage, creativity, good fortune, strength, boldness, and ability to lead.

1. Clean your crystals when you first receive your box by holding them under running water briefly and then placing them in the sun to re-energize, but do not leave in direct sunlight for more than 2 hours.

Program your stones with specific intentions, or you could simply start with “I dedicate this stone to the highest good and that it be used in love and light.”

Carry your stones with you in your pocket, purse, bra, car, under your pillow - anywhere you want to tap into their energy.

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