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Leopard Skin Jasper Stone

Leopard Skin Jasper Stone

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3/4” to 1" • About the size of a quarter
A Leopard Skin Jasper Tumbled Stone is said to assist in self-healing and spiritual discovery. Jasper stones are very powerful stability, grounding and protective gemstones as well. All the Leopard Skin Jasper stones will vary slightly in size, shape, color and pattern. Each comes with a card that holds the information about the crystals and their meanings.

There are many different types of Jasper stones, and it is one of the oldest known gemstones'mentioned in the Bible several times. All jasper stone properties entail strong securing and stability energies. They are powerful protection stones against things that are not good for you, and help to ease emotional stresses, making them a perfect personal gemstone.

The Leopard Skin Jasper meaning traditionally makes it a great stone to utilize when you are looking to connect with animals or discover your personal power animal. It is a very strong self-healing and nurturing stone that helps to further personal growth. A Leopard Skin Jasper Stone is also immensely beneficial for anyone experiencing chronic health problems, as it facilitates healing. It sustains and supports you during times of stress, helping to bring tranquility and overall wholeness. A Leopard Skin Jasper Stone helps to unify all aspects of your life.

Carry your Leopard Skin Jasper stone in your bra, pocket or purse to carry its energy with you throughout the day.

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