Love & Light Sage Bundle
Love & Light Sage Bundle

Love & Light Sage Bundle

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The Love + Light Sage Bundle is designed to fill your energy field and environment with the highest vibrations of love, light, and healing energy. This sage bundle features a 7 Chakra Sage Stick, Rose Sage Stick, and Lavender Sage Stick. This powerful blend of energies offer deep healing benefits, including a greater sense of balance, alignment, and overall energetic wellness. Use this sage bundle and the energy tools within it to raise your vibration and align with the energy of love whenever you need a powerful healing session, or to create a healthy, happy environment in your home.

Bring the energy of love and high vibrations into your life with the help of the Love + Light Sage Bundle. The energy tools within this bundle work by filling your spirit and space with loving, calming, and healing energy. This bundle includes:

  • 7 Chakra Sage Stick to balance and align your chakras. This tool helps to promote overall spiritual and energetic healing, while also cleansing your energy field of any imbalances or blockages.
  • Rose Sage Stick for love and comfort. It works to uplift your energy and environment with the energy of love.
  • Lavender Sage Stick for peace and calm. The relaxing effect of lavender guides you to a state of calm so you can receive the deep healing benefits of the other sage sticks.

Burn one, two or all three of the clearing herbs within the Love + Light Sage Bundle to infuse your spirit and space with high vibrations. For the best results, use all three sage sticks together in one healing session to address different aspects of your energy and environment.

For space clearing, make sure to open the doors and windows before you start burning your sage sticks. This allows negative energy to leave your space as you burn your clearing herbs. If you are using them for your own personal energy, hover the burning sage sticks 2-3 inches away from your skin to address your energy field.

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