Natural Free-form Citrine Crystal
Natural Free-form Citrine Crystal

Natural Free-form Citrine Crystal

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About 2" to 3" • About 4.7 ounces
About 3" to 4" • About 7.1 ounces
About 4" to 5" • About 11.8 ounces
About 1" to 2" tall • 3.1 ounces
A Natural Citrine Crystal holds the energy of light and positivity. By connecting with your Citrine crystal and placing it in your space, you can bring light to all different aspects of your life, from your attitude and outlook to your goals and ambitions. The Citrine meaning is especially powerful for goals related to wealth and success, whether you are changing careers or manifesting financial abundance.

A Natural Citrine Crystal allows you to connect with the high vibration energy of the stone in one of its purest forms. Because it raises your energetic vibration and fills you with optimism, the Citrine meaning can support a variety of intentions, from finding happiness to manifesting wealth and success. No matter what your goal or intention, a Citrine stone is a must-have for your crystal collection.

If you are looking for a crystal to help you achieve your goals or turn your space into a high vibe sanctuary, look no further than a Natural Citrine Crystal. When you bring Citrine into your environment, it emits positive energy into your space and fills your spirit with positivity. This boost of optimism heightens your manifestation power and propels you forward in life. With the confidence and clarity to go after what you really want, you can see your goals come to fruition faster than they would otherwise.

The light-filled nature of a Citrine crystal also guides you toward happiness and joy, especially when it’s hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Keep your Citrine close by as a reminder that the light is always around you.

Place your Natural Citrine Crystal on your desk, workspace, or somewhere else you will see it every day to bring light and positive energy to your intentions. You can also place this Citrine stone on a windowsill to catch the light and fill your environment with good vibes.

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