New Moon Crystal Candle
New Moon Crystal Candle

New Moon Crystal Candle

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Harness the powerful energy of the new moon to enhance your intention-setting practice with a New Moon Crystal Candle. Made with Labradorite and jasmine, vanilla and bergamot essential oils, these crystal-infused candles have the perfect blend of energies to support your intention and amplify your manifestation power throughout the lunar cycle.

When it comes to setting intentions, manifesting in alignment with the moon cycle is one of the most powerful ways to do it. To help you seed new intentions on the new moon, this New Moon Crystal Candle combines a crystal energy and a lunar energy that can enhance your manifestation power to amplify your intentions. The New Moon candle works especially well because it allows you to bring light and fiery energy to your intentions.

In addition to jasmine, vanilla and bergamot essential oils, this candle features Labradorite crystal. The darkness of the crystal is brightened by flashes of light seen from different angles, which serves as a reminder of the hidden magic of the universe. The Labradorite inspires you to tap into your full and limitless potential, especially when it comes to your goals, wishes and intentions. By combining this Labradorite crystal with the new moon energy, you will be set up for success throughout the lunar cycle so you can manifest from the highest frequency.

On the night of the new moon, write one wish or intention you want to seed on the outside of your candle. As you light your candle, visualize the flame and the energy of the new moon bringing that intention to light. After your candle burns down, carefully remove your Labradorite with a spoon. Carry it with you until the full moon to tap into the limitless potential of your intention.

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