Purple Sinuata, Lavender & Eucalyptus Sage Stick

Purple Sinuata, Lavender & Eucalyptus Sage Stick

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If you are feeling a heavy sense of accumulated, piled-up energy that’s weighing you down as you move through your day, our new Purple Sinuata, Lavender & Eucalyptus Sage Stick is the ultimate clearing tool to chip away, on a daily basis, at the accumulation of energies within yourself and in your space. It’s hard to tap into your own intuition when your energy and space are cluttered, so this sage stick is specially created with Purple Sinuata flower and Lavender flower spikes, utilizing the power of the Crown Chakra to supercharge your intuition and energy of your mind. Finally, we added eucalyptus’s potent ability to open up and stimulate the senses to amplify this sage stick’s power to clear and declutter any blocks from your mind and space.

White sage is one of the most powerful and effective energy cleansers because it allows you to release negative or unwanted energy from your energy field and environment. Combined with the Crown Chakra-activating violet-hued lavender and Purple Sinuata Flower, aimed at making it easier to tap into your intuition, the unique blend of energies in this sage stick offers a deeper layer of energy clearing by guiding you to a clear and calm state of being.

Being more in tune with yourself helps you become more in tune with your surroundings - likewise, having a cleared, clarified space around you makes it easier to tap into your own intuition. Like an invigorating rush of fresh air for your soul, this combination of white sage, eucalyptus, purple sinuata flower and lavender flower spikes helps you to soothe your mind, body and spirit. Allow the smoke to dispel and carry away any energetic noise, negative thoughts & patterns, or any other lower vibrational energy and leave you feeling renewed, expansive, and light.

All incense and clearing tools are final sale.

You can use this Purple Sinuata, Lavender & Eucalyptus Sage Stick to cleanse your own energy or your space. For cleansing your own energy, light your sage stick and hover it 2-3 inches away from your skin as you move it around your body from front to back and head-to-toe to give your energetic body a clearing and cleansing session.

For cleansing your home, first open all of your doors and windows. Then, burn your Purple Sinuata, Lavender & Eucalyptus Sage Stick and work your way clockwise through your home.

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