Raw Golden Healer Quartz

Raw Golden Healer Quartz

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1-2lbs • About 4" to 5"
When your emotions have you feeling raw, connect with the benefits of a raw Golden Healer Quartz to give your soul a coat of protective, positive light. This variety of quartz takes on its sunny hues from inclusions of iron oxide. These inclusions add a depth to the healing benefits that quartz crystal is known for. Not only will raw golden healer quartz help you to cleanse and realign your chakras, it will also infuse your spirit with the healing energy of wisdom.

Learn how to better communicate with yourself and others by tapping into the energy enhancing qualities of raw golden healer quartz. This stone fuses with the solar plexus, third eye, and crown chakras. The effect that golden healer quartz energy has on these chakras is that it broadens the mind to new perspectives, quiets anxiety, and propels you to discover a balanced drive.

Use this stone to program your intention to heal and enhance the spirit. As a quartz stone, raw golden healer quartz is great for programming energy that you would like to manifest. After programming the stone with an intention, set it on an altar to remind of your goals each day. Continue to work with raw golden healer quartz to enhance your ambitions and core motivation each day. By helping to purify the fears or stresses that are bringing chaos into your mental space, raw golden healer provides the exact healing energy you need.

Brighten up your environment by placing this raw golden healer quartz in your home. Raw golden healer quartz energy brings an infusion of sunny positivity wherever it’s set down. Helping to balance the energy of your space, raw golden healer quartz energy is especially beneficial for homes that feel out of whack or energetically scattered. Having a space that is bright and harmonious sets you up for embodying a similar energy within yourself.

Due to the nature of this mineral, every piece will be unique and different. There is much variance in color, shape, color and pattern. They are a true crystal collector’s item!

A note from Heather: Golden healer quartz takes you back into your lineage. Working with it helps you remember that your soul holds the light and you can heal yourself not only from your current lineage, but also ancestral lineage. It reminds you that the past is in the past, so what can you make an impact on in the present? The raw nature of these crystals seems to say: let's live in the present. Keep it raw; keep it current.

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