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Raw Phantom Calcite
Raw Phantom Calcite

Raw Phantom Calcite

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About 3-4lbs
To fill your space with layers of joyful, cleansing energy, look to Raw Phantom Calcite. Setting this in your home will ensure that your environment stays positive and balanced.

Raw Phantom Calcite is sometimes called Zebra Calcite, due to its signature stripes. These are the result of Calcite layers being interspersed with layers of other "phantom" minerals. This combination of crystals creates a unique appearance and healing energy. Phantom Calcite works to cleanse and create balance within a space.

When you set large Raw Phantom Calcite stones within your home, you establish an atmosphere that is both positive and stable. It helps to rid your environment of energy that feels unsettled, chaotic or heavy. This harmonizing and uplifting quality is what makes Raw Phantom Calcite the perfect stone for your home or workspace. Setting a Raw Phantom Calcite in your sacred space -- wherever you go to meditate or relax the mind and spirit -- will enable you to easily align your spirit with the peaceful energy of that space.

If you're feeling drawn to a Raw Phantom Calcite stone, you may be seeking to create positive and harmonious energy within your space. The spirit often reaches for Raw Phantom Calcite when it needs a cleansed, joyful and balanced space to exist in.


To use your Raw Phantom Calcite stone, simply place it in your home, office or sacred space. This stone works best in communal areas, like the living room or reception area of your office. Having Raw Phantom Calcite in these spaces will create a settled and happy atmosphere that sets the tone for all interactions that occur there.

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