Release Anxiety Bracelet Combo
Release Anxiety Bracelet Combo

Release Anxiety Bracelet Combo

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EM EXCLUSIVE If you’re in the middle of a panic attack or anxious period, you don’t have the time nor the mental bandwidth to sit down and carry out a complicated relaxation practice. It may feel like all you have inside of you to work with is a single mantra, or even a few words, to get you out of your frenzied and scattered state. To help you learn how to release anxiety no matter where you are, we've carefully crafted this Release Anxiety Bracelet Combo, along with a full 21-day program, that imbues you with the power to leave a state of agitation and enter a state of ease.

Our set of 3 thoughtfully selected bracelets aimed at power banding are meant to be worn on specific sides: what you wear on your right wrist signifies what you're working on as your core intention, and what you wear on the left wrist should be your helper stones, supporting your core intention. Harness the powerful energies of Lepidolite, Moonstone and Amethyst together all at once for a quick and simple anxiety-minimizing solution.

Wear your Lepidolite bracelet on your right wrist to create a strong energetic shield against the signs and symptoms of anxiety, such as a quickened heartbeat or shortened breaths. Because of its naturally occurring lithium content, Lepidolite is uniquely suited for helping relieve stress, anxiety and depression, since lithium is an ingredient in anti-anxiety medications. When you catch sight of your Lepidolite bracelet on your wrist, say the word “PEACE” either out loud or to yourself to quickly ground yourself back to a calm state. This bracelet is representative of your core intention: to be able to transport yourself to a state of tranquility whenever you wish.

Moonstone is a dazzling light that you can utilize to illuminate your auric field. Your Moonstone Bracelet’s energy amplifies your aim of achieving the serenity you assigned to your Lepidolite bracelet. When your Moonstone bracelet's dazzling shimmer catches your eye, say the word "LIGHT" out loud to yourself to invoke the power of illumination and banish fear-inducing darkness.

Steady your emotions by steadying your breath with Amethyst. This stone bracelet reminds you to always breathe deeply and tap into the peace you carry within you, but that you may not always be able to access easily. Amethyst’s overarching intuition energies help keep you in tune with yourself and catch yourself when your energy is being dragged into an anxious state. It will help you return your breathing, and emotions, to a steady equilibrium. When you first notice your breaths becoming irregular, touch your Amethyst bracelet and say the words "I BREATHE DEEPLY" out loud or to yourself.

Put your Lepidolite Bracelet on your right wrist and your Moonstone and Amethyst Bracelets on your left wrist in the morning for 21 days. Place both hands over your heart and state your intention. Take off your bracelets at night and cleanse them on a Selenite Charging Plate.

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