Rose Quartz Unicorn - Energy Muse
Rose Quartz Unicorn

Rose Quartz Unicorn

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This Rose Quartz Crystal Unicorn is your fun loving spirit animal! Set this in your space to remind yourself of the unique, magical and loving being that you are.

Looking at this Rose Quartz Crystal Unicorn each day will be your visual reminder to love your unique and magical self! The loving energy of Rose Quartz will help you to embrace every aspect that makes you who you are. Place this Rose Quartz Unicorn in your room to bring out your inner spirit animal.

Unicorns represent rare, magical beings. Connecting with the energy of a Rose Quartz Unicorn fills you with love, so that you approach everything with a loving essence. It’s not always easy to show up to situations or other people with loving understanding, but that’s where you can be the rare unicorn. The more you tap into the Rose Quartz properties of compassion, universal love and kindness, the more you will blossom into a rare unicorn of pure love!

If you are drawn to a Rose Quartz Crystal Unicorn, you are probably seeking to set your inner spirit animal free. Those who have a wealth of love to give sometimes need a reminder to shine that love wherever they go. You may have connected with this Rose Quartz Unicorn because you have a magical love for life that you’re ready to fully embrace. Let your loving spirit animal roam!

Set your Rose Quartz Crystal Unicorn anywhere in your home that you wish to uplift with positive, loving energy. If you set it in your bedroom, just remember to set another crystal (like Amethyst or Amazonite) together with it, as this will represent a harmonious, loving partnership.

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