Sacred Quartz Crystal Necklace
Sacred Quartz Crystal Necklace

Sacred Quartz Crystal Necklace

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Wear the Sacred Quartz Crystal Necklace to enhance the healing energy in your mind, body and spirit. The powerfully charged Clear Quartz crystals, as well as the triangular shape, come together to form a highly programmable necklace to support your healing intentions.

The Sacred Quartz Crystal Necklace brings healing energy to your mind, body and spirit. Made with Clear Quartz, the stone of manifestation, this necklace allows you to become clear and focused on your intention of healing. The triangular Clear Quartz crystal at the center of the necklace represents action. By bringing clarity and action to your intention, the Sacred Quartz Crystal Necklace supports your healing journey. Wearing this Clear Quartz necklace energizes and activates the energy centers within the body. It connects with your mind, body and spirit to heal all layers of your being.

This necklace can also be used as a Rosary for prayer. Combining your healing intention with prayer works to amplify your intention and raise your energetic vibration.

Affirmation: I am love. I am light. I am healed.

Wear the Sacred Quartz Healing Necklace to invite in healing energy for your mind, body and spirit. Let this necklace fill you with light and love.

The Sacred Quartz Crystal necklaces are approximately 25" in length, and do not have a clasp. They fit over your head. Because they come from Brazil, the pendants may have inclusions or slight chips. All sales are final on these pieces. 


Wear this necklace to surround yourself in a circle of white light to facilitate healing.

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