Selenite Pillar
Selenite Pillar

Selenite Pillar

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Placing a Selenite Pillar in your space cleanses and clears your energy field and the energy in your environment. It is a high vibrational stone that promotes healing on all levels of your being - mind, body and spirit.

Think of a Selenite Pillar as an energy purifier for your space. By directing its cleansing energy upward, a Selenite Pillar clears away negative, low vibrational energy and fills your space with light and high vibrations. It removes stuck energy or debris from your system, cleansing you of anything dimming your spirit and restoring your inner light.

Place a Selenite Pillar on your nightstand, desk or anywhere else you want to fill with cleansing energy.

To create a powerful protecting and clearing crystal formation in your home, place a Selenite Pillar in each of the four corners of a room to seal the energy in.

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