Self-Healed Quartz Crystal

Self-Healed Quartz Crystal

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About 5" to 7"
These self-healed crystals from Arkansas are a reminder from Mother Nature that we are all our own best healers. The crystal acts as a reflection of the body’s miraculous ability to heal itself. It offers a tangible and visible connection to the profoundly healing energy of the earth. Connect with this crystal to heal yourself on a physical, emotional, or energetic level.

These quartz crystals from Arkansas have a higher vibrational energy and a more profound clarity than any other quartz. They are called self-healed crystals because they come out of the earth in their beautiful formations, and do not need to be altered. This unique energy guides you to heal yourself and reprogram yourself on a cellular level for healing. By connecting with this crystal, you can harness its high vibrational energy to move forward on your healing journey.

This crystal works best when placed on or near the body, wherever you feel the manifestation of your pain. For example, if you want to heal your heart from heartache or loss, placing the self-healed crystal over your heart can send its powerful healing energy into that space. It purifies, clears, and re-calibrates that energy center to align with a higher vibrational frequency so you can heal and mend on a deeper level. No matter where or what you need healing, this one-of-a-kind crystal can support you.

Each one of these self-healed crystals will differ in shape, color, size and pattern. They are all unique and different. All sales are final on these pieces.

Program your crystal with an intention of healing and place it over your body wherever you feel the physical, emotional, or energetic healing needs to happen. Place your hand above the crystal and send healing energy into your body and energy field.

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