Solar Quartz Crystal
Solar Quartz Crystal
Solar Quartz Crystal

Solar Quartz Crystal

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About 1/2" to 1"
About 1" to 2"
Solar Quartz, which comes from Clear Quartz stalactites, is a rare form of quartz that amplifies and enhances the energy around it. Whether you’re setting an intention or raising your own energetic vibration, a Solar Quartz crystal can offer the uplifting energy you seek.

Harnessing the quartz healing properties of amplification, positivity and clearing, a Solar Quartz crystal can enhance the energy of everything around it. Because it is a magnifier, Solar Quartz crystals are powerful tools for manifestation or intention-setting. Whether you’re setting a new goal or bringing new life to an existing one, Solar Quartz brings fresh energy to your intention. 

This crystal also works by enhancing your own energy. It supports a flow of positive energy to raise your vibration and uplift your spirit, helping to support your goals and intentions. If you’re in need of an energetic boost, call on your Solar Quartz crystals to help you stay clear on your goals and eliminate negativity from your energy field.

Every single one of these Solar Quartz crystals will be different and unique; no two are alike. They are some of the hardest crystals to find. All sales are final on these crystals.

Hold your Solar Quartz crystal to amplify your intention and fill your energy field with positive energy.

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