The Crystal Horoscope

The Crystal Horoscope

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Every single month offers a new energy, new opportunities for growth. While some months are more intense for particular zodiac signs and force the sign to reckon with a weakness or challenge, other signs experience a breakthrough or revelation that helps them evolve and reach their goals. That’s where your crystal horoscope comes in. We’ve made it to the final month of 2021! This special-edition December Horoscope will focus on your sign’s message and crystal for the upcoming year. Starting from the very first day of the month, December sees Neptune turn direct after a retrograde period. Expect a boost in your creativity and increased faith in your own dreams. A fecund New Moon in Sagittarius will come right after on the 4th, asking you to focus on goals that increase your understanding and awareness. You’ll also feel magnified confidence and optimism. Keep an eye on December 19th, when Venus turns retrograde. Its influence will be most keenly felt in areas of love, finances, but also business. Make sure you review and button up any attachments, romantic, financial or otherwise, to make sure you’re setting yourself up for success as the new year arrives.

Pairing your sign’s unique message with the energy of a specific crystal, your crystal horoscope gives you crystal advice to help you navigate the season ahead. Each sign will be introduced to their crystal ally for the season –– a crystal energy that will either enhance or remedy an energy that is likely to arise during that time period.

Each season your crystal horoscope will change. But the one thing that stays constant is how you chose to approach the season. With the knowledge that your crystal horoscope provides, you can be energetically prepared for whatever comes your way...until the next season!

Once you download your Crystal Horoscope, find the crystal associated with your sun sign. Keep that crystal close throughout the month. Carry it with you in your bra, pocket or purse!

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