The Moon Lover&
The Moon Lover&

The Moon Lover's Bundle

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You are a radiant light full of promise and the power to chart your own path in pursuit of your destiny. Moonstone is aligned with a divine feminine energy, offering fertility in all its forms – life, growth, potential and new beginnings. In the midst of a dark night sky, you will find your way under the nurturing glow of the Moon’s brilliant white light. Let your insight and inner wisdom be your guide. Your destiny awaits.

Moon Mist – Clear your energy and refresh your spirit with this crystal-infused mist spray, which combines the power of Labradorite, Moonstone and Clear Quartz crystals with the healing energy of lavender, geranium and cedarwood essential oils.

Moon Crystal Candle – Burn this candle and harness the power of the Moon to set your intentions and maximize your full potential. The candle includes Moonstone crystal and neroli, orange and lemon essential oils.

Moon Crystals and Bath Salts – Submerge yourself in the nurturing powers of the moon and recharge your energy. These salts are made with Rainbow Moonstone, sea salt, coconut milk and neroli, chamomile and lime essential oils.

Moon Child Necklace – Wear this piece to help guide the way as you explore your path and enjoy life’s journey. The Moon is known as “the ruler of the night sky.” So too are you the ruler of your own destiny.

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