Thyme & Sage Stick

Thyme & Sage Stick

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Individual Smudge Stick (~4")
Bring fresh, new energy into your home and spirit with this Thyme & Sage Stick. Combining thyme and white sage, this duo of energies work together to purify and cleanse your energy field and environment of any negative or lower vibrational energy, leaving both your spirit and space feeling high vibe and energetically clear.

This Thyme & Sage Stick combines two powerful energy cleansing herbs: white sage and thyme. While the white sage is a very traditional cleansing tool, this sage stick is enhanced by the addition of the thyme, which is known for purification. Thyme is an especially powerful herb for dispelling lower vibrations from emotions like sadness or other negative frequencies. When added to the white sage stick, the clearing energy of the thyme is strengthened because the smoke from the burning sage carries away any negative energies.

Together, these herbs work to clear both your personal energy and the energy of your space. Whether you use it as part of an energy clearing session for your home or yourself, this Thyme & Sage Stick is an easy and effective way to remove negative or unwanted energies. Using this blend as part of your clearing practice will leave your energy and environment feeling energetically clear and high vibe.

All incense and clearing tools are final sale.

To clear your environment: Open all of the doors and windows within your home. Burn your White Sage & Thyme stick while moving clockwise through your home. As you cleanse, allow the smoke to remove negative or unwanted energies from each room.

To clear your own energy: allow the burning sage stick to hover a few inches away from your skin as you move it around your body from front to back, then from head to toe.

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