Unakite Pyramid

Unakite Pyramid

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Unakite reminds you to find gratitude in life. By encouraging you to stay present and open your heart to all that you have, Unakite helps you to see the beauty in life and feel thankful every day. When you need to remember what gratitude feels like, connect with a Unakite Pyramid.

This pink and green stone connects with the heart on different levels. It both opens your heart and softens your energy to help you see all that you have to be grateful for. By teaching you to live in the present moment, Unakite helps you leave behind all thoughts of the future or the past so you can find gratitude for where you are in life right now. When you see the world through gratitude and appreciation, you may find that your overall experience starts to shift toward a more positive and joy-filled one.

One of the most powerful ways to shift your energy is through a gratitude practice. Bring to mind or write down a few things you are grateful for every day so you can find love for your life even when it is difficult.


Place your Unakite Pyramid on top of a list of 3 things you are grateful for today as a reminder to appreciate your life as it is right now.

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