2023 Be-ginnings Collection

2023 Be-ginnings Collection

Travel Protection Charm
Protection • Security • Calm
$ 24.88

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Don't let the pressure of the new year paralyze you! If you want to make big shifts in your life, we'll start this journey together.

But how exactly do we begin?

First, let's get clear on where want want to go. Start by identifying just a few intentions that you'd like to focus on that will have the biggest transformative impact on your life and overall well-being.

Let's begin with ourselves: our bravery, our healing, our boldness, action and grace. When we begin within, we can better lift and serve the world.


Choose from 5 limited edition pieces:

Amethyst Buddha Energy Bracelet

Calm + content amidst the chaos


Strawberry Quartz Energy Bracelet

Life is sweet when you tap into happiness and joy


Peach Moonstone Energy Bracelet

Every small change can make impactful new beginnings


Serpentine Energy Bracelet

An energy boost to revive + refresh your mind, body and spirit

Jasper & Agate Bracelet

Balance your energies + stay true to you.

Choose the bracelets that resonate the most with you + combine them to supercharge your manifestations!

• Buy 2, automatically get 20% off

• Buy 3 or more, automatically get 25% off