Crystal Sets and Boxes

Crystal Sets and Boxes

crystal starter set by Energy Muse
Crystal Starter Set - 10 Crystals for Beginners
A perfect introduction to crystal energy!
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Wealth Stones
Inviting Prosperity • Growing Wealth • Abundance
$ 34.88
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Protection Stones - Energy Muse
Protection Stones Bag by Energy Muse on wooden table with Copper Pyramid and Selenite Charging Plate
Protection Stones
$ 28.88
Health Stones - Energy Muse featuring genuine Shungite, Malachite, Apatite, Bloodstone and Clear Quartz
Health Stones
$ 24.95
Calming Stones
$ 22.95
Stress-Free Stone Bag
$ 19.95
Mercury Retrograde Ritual Kit by Energy Muse in its packaging
Mercury Retrograde Ritual Kit
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AstroTwins x EM Crystal of the Year Kit
from $ 64.88
Ultimate Breakthrough Jewelry Bundle
Advance • Uptrend • Personal Growth
from $ 143.95
The Ultimate Crystal Lover's Bundle
$ 46.95
Super-Charging Station Bundle
$ 54.95
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Car Protection Crystal Bundle
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Love Magnet Box
Get 6 Love Stones FREE ($45 Value)
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Rare Quartz Formation Bundle
Manifest • Heal • Breakthrough
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Control Center Crystal Grid Bundle
Mental Control • Focus • Manifestation
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Limited Edition!
Sound-Charged Protective Energetic Armor Set
Unparalleled Protection, Grounding, and Balance
$ 188.88
5 Manifester Bundle
Manifestation • Abundance • New Reality
$ 129.88
Wealth Activation Pouch
Wealth • Activation • Unlimited Abundance
$ 24.88
Magic Money Activation Bundle
Wealth • Money Magnet • Unlimited Abundance
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Incense Bundle
Purification • Light • Uplifting
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Carrying a crystal pouch or bag of crystals is one of the most versatile and oldest modalities for crystal healing. You can have your healing crystal bags in your home, carry them with you in your purse, place them on your nightstand or even under your pillow.

Energy Muse has the perfect crystal pouch for everyone! We have healing crystal bags to attract the energies and blessings of your astrological sign, crystal bags for simple Feng Shui remedies, crystal bags for wealth, crystal bags to balance your chakras and much more. Each bag of crystals combines a specific combination of stones to create a powerful combo to help you achieve your desired intention. Incorporate your healing crystals into your meditation or place them in your room to bring the energy of the Earth into your space. Put one in your car for mobile, go-anywhere spiritual energy – it’s always a good idea to take a positive aura along for the ride.

To activate your crystal pouch, sit quietly, holding your crystals in both of your hands. Breathe in and visualize the highest white light while visualizing your intention for your crystal healing stones. You can also say your intention aloud if you would like. Sit with your stones for a minute and feel their energy. The crystals are listening and ready to carry your intention.

Bags of Tumbled Stones

Tumbled stones have an undeniable natural beauty to them. They are great for carrying with you on the go: to help calm your nerves wherever you go. You can also use them during stressful situations. All you need to do is rub the smooth, polished surfaces between your finger and thumb. Doing this will allow you to experience the positive energies and vibrations that the tumbled stones radiate.

At Energy Muse, we have a wide selection of tumbled crystal bags that are great for different intentions. A great starter bag of crystals is our Calming Stones. These tumbled stones will help you focus on positive thoughts and provide you with the inner peace you’ve been searching for. All you need to do is close your eyes and lay with your stones for 11 minutes. They will absorb any of your stressful or anxious thoughts that have been building up inside throughout the day. Afterward, you’ll feel refreshed and relaxed.

Another wonderful starter crystal pouch of tumbled stones is our Grounding Stones. These are infused with earthy energies and will help you feel balanced and focused throughout your day. Simply by holding the stone in your hand and practicing breathing exercises, you can ground yourself and find stability from within.

We curate every bag of crystals with a collection of stones that work together for a specific intention. The energies and crystal frequency complement each other and will lead you to your true self and help you feel at peace with your surroundings. If you don’t find a crystal bag that you naturally gravitate towards, feel free to create your own with a collection of tumbled stones that work for you and your needs.

Powerful Crystal Pairings

The possibility of crystal healing stones combinations is endless! You can purchase one of the pre-made Energy Muse crystal pouches or create your own by shopping our selection of Tumbled Stones.

When looking for the right powerful crystal pairings, you’ll want to consider your intentions. Every pairing has its own purpose that will help lead you towards your true self. If you’re searching for new opportunities in life and an abundance of wealth, you may want to consider a crystal bag with Aventurine, Tiger's Eye, Pyrite, Citrine, and Malachite. You can find this powerful crystal pairing in our Wealth Stones bag.

If you’re feeling somewhat lost in life and want to find the motivation to help make your goals and aspirations come true, our Fire Up Your Intentions crystal bag might be for you. This bundle features Goldstone, Carnelian, Sunstone, and Red Jasper Tumbled Stone in a Peach Selenite Charging Bowl. To make this powerful crystal pairing to the next level, add in a crystal that aligns with your intention. For example, if you’re after love, add in a Rose Quartz. If you’re seeking luck, try adding an Aventurine.

From there, allow the powerful combination of stones to work together: to provide you with an uplifting energy that will help you feel realigned and balanced.

Wherever you’re headed off to, Energy Muse crystal healing bags are right with you every step of the way. Packed with positive life force and chakra-cleansing purity, our crystal healing bags are quickly becoming a top seller at Energy Muse. With the right crystal bag and powerful crystal pairings, you’ll be able to amplify your desires and gravitate toward your intentions.

Shop our selection of healing crystal bags and find the perfect crystal pouch for your needs! Energy Muse has a dazzling array of crystal healing bags, each with their own unique characteristics. Browse our store and find your perfect crystal healing bag today.