Healing Crystal Earrings

Healing Crystal Earrings

Amethyst Drop Earrings
Peace • Intuition • Relaxation
$ 49.88

At Energy Muse, our line of healing crystal earrings are designed to support a variety of specific intentions such as wellness, prosperity and abundance, unconditional love, motivation and more. When you wear healing stone earrings, not only is it a stylish addition to your accessories collection but it also gives you constant access to the healing frequencies of crystals.

For the best results, we recommend programming your pair of healing crystal earrings with an intention that resonates with your heart. As soon as they touch your skin, their special healing properties will amplify your intentions while also beautifying your overall appearance with their lovely colors and natural formations.

Healing Crystal Earrings

For a daily dose of overall health and well-being, our Wellness Crystal Earrings include three different pairs made with Lapis Lazuli, Amethyst, and Aquamarine. These raw crystal earrings will help you cultivate feelings of peace, calm, and wisdom. When you need a peaceful flow of energy, the Amethyst will give you peace of mind in any situation. Carrying the peaceful energy of water, Aquamarine will soothe your soul of any worry or tension. Lapis Lazuli will connect you to your inner wisdom, helping you make better choices and decisions for your true purpose.

If you want to bring wealth, success, and abundance into your life, our Money Magnet Crystal Earrings include three pairs, which allows you to mix and match the best combination of healing frequencies for your needs. The healing crystal earrings made with Tiger's Eye will give you the power and strength you need to go after what you want. The pair of healing stone earrings made with Aventurine will keep you open to new opportunities that could bring you wealth and abundance. Joyful and uplifting Citrine crystal earrings will fill your body and spirit with positive vibes, helping you tap into your inner joy.

When you need an energetic shield against negativity, our Protection Crystal Earrings include three sets - one pair of healing crystal earrings are made with Black Tourmaline, which is known for its grounding and protective properties. The other pair is made with Hematite, a grounding stone that also shields you from negative energy. Along with these two sets of elegant black earrings, our protection earrings also include Clear Quartz, a stone of clarity and cleansing.

Healing Stone Earrings

We designed our Love Crystal Earrings to help bring love, harmony, and joy into your life. One set is made with Rose Quartz, a stone of unconditional love in a lovely light pink color. The second set is made with Moonstone, which has a soft, gentle energy that helps bring balance to your emotional state. We've also included a set of Sunstone earrings, which will help you find happiness in everything you do.

For wealth and success, plus a touch of glam in your everyday style, our Pyrite Crystal Earrings will help boost your inner power and confidence. This strong mindset will open you up to success and prosperity.

Shop for your own healing stone earrings today and find the perfect pair for looking stylish and also supporting your intention.