How our Crystals are Sourced

When working with the energy of the earth, it's important to appreciate the gift we're being given—and you can't appreciate that gift if you're abusing it. We started our business nearly two decades ago because we wanted to share the joy, peace and healing we'd discovered through our experiences with crystals. Those who know how powerful crystal energy is, understand why it is vital to respect where it comes from. Taking crystals from the Earth in an unethical way affects the energy of the stone. That's why we have always worked so hard to establish relationships with family-owned mines and other sources who are mindful when mining.

We want to be assured that our crystals are of the highest quality, and that they were obtained in a loving way. The reason we spend so much time hand selecting our crystals from our trusted vendors, is that we want each crystal to be vibrating at its highest frequency when it arrives to its new home. While buying crystals in mass quantities from certain sources may result in a lower cost, we prioritize the authenticity, energetic integrity and ethical sourcing of our crystals above all else.

At the end of the day, we buy from someone we trust, and we want you to do the same. So whether you're looking through your local crystal shop, or shopping online, make sure that the stones you're looking to handle and place in your home are coming from a source you trust. When we put positive effort into respecting the Earth, that energy circles back our way.

We can't wait for you to experience the crystal energy.

Assorted Ethically Sourced Crystals


"The high vibrational power of crystals encourages us to shift our perspective, get centered in what we want and manifest our aspirations into realities. "

Heather Askinosie