Rare One-of-a-Kind and Large Crystals for Sale

Rare One-of-a-Kind and Large Crystals for Sale

Crystal Giant!
AA-grade Madagascar Rose Quartz • 200 lbs
Love • Happiness • Soothing
Regular price $ 7,500.00 Sale price$ 4,399.88
Crystal Giant!
Smoky Elestial Quartz Crystal • 220 lbs
Healing • Clearing • Protection
Regular price $ 25,000.00 Sale price$ 14,999.88
Giant A-Grade Raw Rose Quartz
Tucson Gem Show Finds
from $ 299.88
Fluorite & Epidote Included Quartz Cluster • 18lbs
$ 4,000.00
Collector's Item
Natural Pyrite Cube in Matrix
Wealth • Abundance • Prosperity
from $ 49.88
Crystal Giant!
Clear Quartz Cluster • 90 lbs
Light • High-Frequency • Abundance
Regular price $ 3,500.00 Sale price$ 1,999.88
Crystal Giant!
Black Tourmaline • 200 lbs
Protection • Shielding • Removes Negative Energy
Regular price $ 14,665.00 Sale price$ 8,799.88

Large crystals have transformative energy that can raise the vibration of a space. When people walk into our living area, oftentimes they comment about the shift in energy they experience. Large crystals can help remove negative energy in your space and provide you with a calmer environment that will help you thrive in unimaginable ways.

Every space in your home is a sacred place. It’s where you want to feel the most comfortable and safe. When the energies are off in any of your rooms, it affects your physical and mental health and can make it hard to unwind and relax after a long day.

With dozens of large crystals in every nook and cranny of our space, we keep the vibration of our home and office spaces extremely high. Because of this, everyone that joins us in our spaces feels welcomed and comfortable enough to connect with others.

Our large crystals for sale can transform your spaces as well. Dwelling in an environment that has a high vibration level allows you to live in the highest state of yourself. It can also be a natural mood booster and improve your sleeping patterns. When you practice meditations, healing and self-growth, it's important to stay in higher vibrational states so you can continue to live in harmony with your divine source.

Large crystals keep the energy of a space high, creating a frequency of bliss, love and compassion. Low energy on the other hand creates anger, depression and anxiety. Place one of our large geodes for sale or one of our other big crystals for sale in each room of your home to ensure the energy levels are high.

As you begin collecting big crystals, you will notice your space transforms and walking into a room elevates your mood and improves your health. We keep at least one amethyst cluster in all of our shared spaces in our home because it constantly cleanses and purifies the energy and dissolves negative energy while emitting positive vibrations.

We also have large selenites by all of our doorways to protect our space from negative energy. Large celestial crystals are a must-have in our sacred space for cultivating deeper meditation. A large quartz crystal is an interior decorator’s dream, especially for those who appreciate the wild and unique forms created from nature. Created deep within the earth, our large geodes for sale are a miracle of water and light, the elements of life itself. Beautiful and stunning sculptures of the earth, our giant quartz crystals make an impressive statement piece for any room in the home.

Each piece contains intricate lattices and crystal formations that have evolved over many years, making it a one of a kind piece that is truly special. Even the skeptics of crystal healing will take notice of the immense presence of a giant quartz crystal.

Large Crystals and Its Uses

Gemstones, including large quartz crystals, are made up of atoms that replicate the same structure over and over again. This magical act of nature is what gives crystals a strong and steady rhythm that falls in sync with the healing vibrations of the earth. Quartz contains a special type of energy called piezoelectricity, which is created from subatomic particles that get trapped in the inner structure of the lattices. When you touch a crystal and connect with its energy, these positive vibrations are released into the energy field.

The real game changer in the healing and transformative power of a giant quartz crystal is when you program it with an intention. Just as Quartz in smaller amounts is programmed to run watches and radio transmitters, it can also amplify the energy that you instill into it. Small pieces of Quartz crystals are perfect for accessing their healing and cleansing properties on the go, but the large quartz crystal for sale is one of the most magnificent pieces for the home, creative studio, or office. Because of the cleansing and purifying properties of quartz gemstones, the large pieces are excellent for any room, especially because it helps bring balance and harmony into your home.

Large quartz crystals are also part of the white color ray, which is associated with spiritual transformation and purification. Thanks to their immense size, our geode stones for sale are some of the most powerful for energy cleansing and detoxification. Placement of your large quartz crystal depends on several factors. If the room is used for therapeutic healing sessions, try placing a large quartz crystal in the corner or by a windowsill where the sun can cleanse and activate its healing properties. Placing it against the wall also keeps it out of the way, leaving you plenty of space for your yoga practice, meditation session, or other healing modality.

A large quartz crystal also makes an eye-catching piece for the living room. But it’s more than just exquisite eye candy; its energy helps to magnify positive vibes by acting like a vacuum for negativity and toxins. A member of the white color ray, our giant quartz crystals are radiating with the transformative and purifying energy of change and renewal. Keep a large crystal in your home and get ready to rock at the highest vibrations.

Types of Big Crystals

When looking for big crystals to add to your space, you’ll want to consider your intentions and the type of energy you want to attract to your living area. All of the large crystals for sale on our website are used differently and provide living spaces with different powerful energies and vibrations, which all can benefit from.

A large amethyst crystal like our Giant Amethyst Sphere is great for helping you tap into your inner peace and help relieve unwanted feelings of tension, stress, and anxiety. It’s large enough to fill your entire house with peaceful and relaxing energies: for all to experience. We recommend placing it somewhere prominent and seeing how your soul reacts to the peaceful feelings it radiates.

Another wonderful large amethyst crystal is our Giant Amethyst Cluster. Adding this large crystal to your living space is like turning your living room into a spa for all to enjoy. Every time you get home, this large amethyst crystal will help you recharge and reset from a long day, which will leave you feeling refreshed and ready to take on any day.

If you’re searching for a large quartz crystal to align with your current intentions, you’ll want to consider our Smoky Rutilated Quartz Crystal. This unique large crystal is a one-of-a-kind 11-pound crystal that will help fortify your ambitions and help you move forward. If you’ve been feeling stuck where you are and the unresolved problems of your past continue to hinder your progress, this big crystal will help by leading towards forgiveness. As you cleanse yourself of self-doubt, it will be easier for you to move past old mistakes and turn your wrongs into rights.

All large crystals for sale on our website have different uses and meanings. Allow yourself to gravitate towards the one that aligns with your current intentions the most. You may feel an undeniable pull towards a particular large crystal. Allow yourself to follow this feeling and find huge crystals that will enhance your living space.

If you’re ready to experience the power of healing crystals today, shop our Energy Muse large crystals for sale today.