I Am Grounded Jewelry Bundle
I Am Grounded Jewelry Bundle

I Am Grounded Jewelry Bundle

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Find yourself worrying about the future, which is totally unknowable and totally out of our control? Even if we know this intellectually, our upset stomachs and shaky breathing would say it’s a different story entirely. The best way to improve your relationship with worry (because it can never truly be banished!) is to try to stay in the moment as much as possible. And staying present means grounding yourself, like a sturdy tree with strong roots. To help you learn how to ground yourself and release anxiety, no matter where you are, we've carefully put together this I Am Grounded Jewelry Bundle to imbue you with the power to leave a state of unease and enter a state of clarity and stability. By pairing a grounding energy (Hematite) with an uplifting energy (Amethyst), your polarities are balanced and you are better able to inhabit the current moment.

Our set of 2 thoughtfully selected pieces of crystal jewelry is aimed at creating a balanced, duality-embracing energy field around you. They are meant to be worn on specific sides: wear your grounding piece on your dominant side to establish a strong base and connector to the earth and your uplifting piece on your non-dominant side to balance out both sides of your body. Harness the powerful energies of Hematite and Amethyst together for a quick and simple worry-minimizing solution.

Wear your Grounding Anklet when you want to feel grounded, balanced and connected to the Earth. As soon as you put it on, you will feel the powerful grounding energy of the magnetic Hematine. To feel balanced and centered, it is important to be grounded and connected to the energy of the Earth. The Grounding Anklet is a powerful piece to help ground your body's energy! A simple way to become grounded is to visualize roots streaming from the bottom of your feet, growing downward and hooking you deep into the core of the earth. Breathe and visualize all negativity, panic and blockages flowing down through the roots and dissolving into Mother Earth. Visualize green healing light coming back up the roots through the soles of your feet, running up your legs to your groin and filling you with healing vibrating energy.

Hematine is a magnetic Lodestone that absorbs and transmutes negative energy, while providing a shield of protection. It is the most powerful and effective grounding gemstone. It also helps to eliminate negative emotions such as stress, panic and worry. As soon as you place this magnetic Hematine against your skin, you will immediately feel a shift in energy--it's unreal!

Steady your emotions by steadying your breath with Amethyst. This stone bracelet reminds you to always breathe deeply and tap into the peace you carry within you, but that you may not always be able to access easily. Amethyst’s overarching intuition energies help keep you in tune with yourself and catch yourself when your energy is being dragged into an anxious state. It will help you return your breathing, and emotions, to a steady equilibrium. When you first notice your breaths becoming irregular, touch your Amethyst bracelet and say the words "I BREATHE DEEPLY" out loud or to yourself.

Put your Intuition Bracelet on your non-dominant hand’s wrist and your Hematite Grounding Anklet on the ankle of your dominant leg. Place both hands over your heart and state your intention. Take off your bracelets at night and cleanse them on a Selenite Charging Plate.

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