Setting Boundaries Bracelet Bundle

Setting Boundaries Bracelet Bundle

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We've carefully crafted this Setting Boundaries Bracelet Bundle, along with a full 21-day program, to help you focus on looking after and protecting your own energy. Our set of 3 thoughtfully selected bracelets aimed at power banding are meant to be worn on specific sides: what you wear on your right wrist signifies what you're working on as your core intention, and what you wear on the left wrist should be your helper stones, supporting your core intention. Harnessing the powerful energies of Black Tourmaline, Clear Quartz and Rainbow Obsidian together all at once, the Setting Boundaries Bracelet Bundle will help you protect your energy wherever you may find yourself through firm boundaries and trusting your inner wisdom.

The Setting Boundaries Bracelet Bundle infuses you with a powerful combination of crystal energies designed to support you as you take charge of your own energy, preventing the uncontrollable energy of the world around you from affecting you. This bundle includes a Black Tourmaline, Clear Quartz, and Rainbow Obsidian crystal bracelet, all working together to help you clearly identify what your personal boundaries are, honoring them, and focusing only on what you can control.

Wear your Black Tourmaline bracelet on your right wrist to create a strong energy shield, clear and defined boundaries, and protect your own energy. This bracelet is representative of your core intention: to be absolutely crystal clear on what you will and will not accept from the outside world and keep your energy protected. Black Tourmaline is far and away one of the best stones to utilize to protect yourself from negative vibes.

Clear Quartz reminds you to get really clear on what your boundaries are and not waver in the face of unwanted energies emanating from other people or even tasks, locations, etc. Clear Quartz’s dazzling and bright energy amplifies the boundary-setting goal you assigned to your Black Tourmaline bracelet.

Wearing our new Moving Through It Rainbow Obsidian bracelet everywhere you go acts as a kind of clearing device, clearing shaking off the brittle protective shells we had become so accustomed to. It wants to help lighten your load as you move through the difficult times. It won’t magically help you get to the other side - instead, it will help shoulder the heavy burden of frustration and help you along your journey. It wants you to know: the only way out is through. And it wants to help you shed any emotional scabs that formed around your heart after your breakup or loss.


Put on your Black Tourmaline Bracelet on your right wrist and your Clear Quartz and Moving Through It Bracelets on your left wrist in the morning for 21 days. Place both hands over your heart and state your intention. Take off your bracelets at night and cleanse them on a Selenite Charging Plate.

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