Black Obsidian Ghost
Black Obsidian Ghost
Black Obsidian Ghost
Black Obsidian Ghost

Black Obsidian Ghost

Protection • Personal Growth • Independence
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Though not all spirits are bad, you may still not want them in your home. This protective Black Obsidian Ghost helps you ask the spirit realm to stay away! This is always useful but especially during this time of year, when the veil between our visible world and the invisible world is at its thinnest! These adorable Black Obsidian Ghosts are an easy way to keep bad vibes away. Working with Black Obsidian can assist you in cutting negative patterns from your life and helps you see what needs to be expelled from your life. This Black Obsidian Ghost will help absorb any toxic energy.

Approx. 2” tall • Weighs approx. 2 ounces

Black Obsidian, like all black crystals and stones, is a powerful protector, helping to deflect harmful wishes being sent your way and bouncing them back onto whomever sent them to you! Shield the energy of your home with black obsidian's no-nonsense healing energy. 

You can also use this Black Obsidian Ghost carving to help you go your own way, to help you release and cut away at the toxic behaviors you've allowed yourself to repeat in the past. By acknowledging your faults, you take the first step toward transformation. You cannot fix the problem that you don't allow yourself to see. The Black Obsidian meaning is about seeing the negative so that you can transition to your most positive potential. Even when your work with a black obsidian ghost figurine leads you to a level of self-awareness you weren't keen on discovering, keep pushing and developing healthier behaviors. You'll soon find that the reflection you see in your black obsidian is more satisfying than it has ever been before.

Hold your Black Obsidian ghost crystal when you need a dose of protection and shielding. Place it by your entryway and on windowsills.

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