front view of genuine red jasper pumpkin carved crystal by Energy Muse
Woman holding genuine red jasper pumpkin carved crystal by Energy Muse
Set of 3 genuine red jasper pumpkin carving crystals by Energy Muse that show the variations in pattern and color.
Red Jasper Pumpkin

Red Jasper Pumpkin

Deflecting Harm • Protection • Safety
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Pumpkins are thought to absorb negative energy, which is why they're often placed on windowsills and at front doors. In some cultures they are smashed to totally obliterate any ill will, harm, negativity, or misfortune that may have been sent to that person, their home, or any of their family members. Red Jasper is a grounding and stabilizing crystal that will help you protect your peace, especially when you place your dainty Red Jasper pumpkin on a windowsill, by your front door, or even by your desk at work. This is always useful but especially during this time of year, when the veil between our visible world and the invisible world is at its thinnest! These adorable Red Jasper pumpkins are an easy way to keep bad vibes away.

Approx. 1” wide • Weighs approx. 1.04 ounces

Red Jasper acts as your personal coach, motivating and encouraging you along your life’s journey. If you are looking for a boost of motivational energy and empowerment, your Red Jasper Pumpkin is the perfect tool for you. Keeping it near you in your workspace can support your professional endeavors, or you can place it in your living space to inspire you to take action in other areas of your life, as well.

Not only is the Red Jasper crystal a powerful motivator, but it also has a grounding quality that helps you find energetic stability in life. By placing this crystal in your home, you can create a grounding energy that helps you and those around you feel supported and secure in your environment.

The Jasper crystal meaning is one of the best for overcoming procrastination, so if you tend to put off your to-do list, this is the stone for you. Every time you see your Red Jasper on a Stand, be reminded to take action in the different aspects of your life.

All of these Jasper crystal pumpkins will differ in shape, size, color and pattern because they're natural gifts from Mother Earth.

Place your dainty Red Jasper pumpkin on a windowsill, by your front door, on your desk at work or even in your pocket so it can absorb any harm that's sent you to.

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