Hematite Bracelet
Hematite Bracelet
Hematite Bracelet

Hematite Bracelet

Earth Connection • Grounding • Balance
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Beads measure 8mm • Usually fits most women and men with smaller wrists (wrist measurement of approximately 5.5" to 6")
Beads measure 8mm • Medium size (Usually fits most women and men with smaller wrists (wrist measurement of approximately 6.25" to 7") 
Beads measure 8mm • Usually fits most men and women with wider wrists (wrist measurement of approximately 7" to 7.75")
When you’re not grounded, you’re more susceptible to the topsy-turvy nature of life! Finding a way to be securely rooted to the earth is extremely important and, with the new Hematite Bracelet, now extremely easy. Hematite has perhaps the most powerful grounding power of any crystal, so by simply slipping this bracelet on, you’ll gain access to its rooting energy, helping you find your footing and stay centered, no matter what else is going on in your life. When you feel anxious or stuck in a negative mind loop, touch the beads of your Hematite Bracelet and feel their grounding, balancing energy take over your body. Wear it daily to allow its energy to radiate easily, so that it fills you with stabilizing harmony.

This bracelet comes with an exclusive crystal code: a numerical activator paired with your bracelet to take its energy to the next-level. Upon purchasing the bracelet, you'll receive an email containing a downloadable PDF featuring your crystal code, along with an audio activation by our resident crystal expert, Heather Askinosie.

Elevate your connection to the earth, embrace unshakable groundedness, and find your inner balance with our exquisite Hematite Bracelet. Designed to channel the natural energies of hematite, this bracelet offers a trio of remarkable benefits that will transform your life.

  1. Connection to the Earth: The Hematite Bracelet is your direct conduit to the Earth's energy. Hematite, with its earthy hues, resonates with the core of our planet, infusing you with its powerful grounding properties. As you wear this bracelet, you'll feel a deep, unbreakable connection to the world around you. It's like Mother Earth's embrace on your wrist, reminding you of your roots and your place in the grand tapestry of life.

  2. Groundedness: In today's fast-paced world, it's easy to feel overwhelmed and disconnected. Our Hematite Bracelet serves as your anchor. The Hematite meaning centers on its magnetic energy, which stabilizes your thoughts and emotions, grounding you in the present moment. With each wear, you'll experience a sense of calm and assurance, allowing you to navigate life's challenges with unwavering strength.

  3. Balance: Life is a delicate dance, and finding balance can be elusive. The Hematite Bracelet brings equilibrium to your life. It aligns your chakras, harmonizing your energy flow and fostering emotional stability. This balance extends into your physical and mental well-being, empowering you to live life to the fullest.

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